CompassWhat is geocaching? Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS enabled device (a GPS or a smart phone). Please visit for information on how to get started, the rules and coordinates.

At Leu Gardens there are two different geocaches. One is a traditional cache where coordinates are listed to find the treasure and the other is an interactive cache.

The interactive cache gives clues that lead to a treasure. There are two ways to download the interactive cache using a GPS enabled device: 1) go to download the geocache called “Wheriwantago Seeking Nahn-Sea’s Heart,” or 2) go to download the cartridge called “Princess Nahn-Sea’s Heart.” The story is of a romantic hero seeking his true love from a villainous wizard. Your journey will take you on a two mile tour through the gardens to the hidden treasure. Thank you to TWC (The Wedding Crachers) for making this an amazing cache.

Enjoy treasure hunting at Leu Gardens.