Dazzling Nights, Now – January 1

Dazzling Nights, Now – January 1

Dear valued guest: a message from the Dazzling Nights team.

We know that some guests did not have a great experience last night. We are sorry for not providing a stellar experience for you and your loved ones. It’s of utmost importance to our entire Dazzling Nights team to create meaningful experiences for those who attend our event.

Because of global shipping issues and some set backs related to Hurricane Nicole, some of our most significant experiences did not arrive until the day before Thanksgiving.

Our team assessed that we would be able to have these assets installed and ready by opening on Friday. We were wrong, and we are truly sorry.

These experiences are being installed today (Saturday) and will be available to guests beginning tonight and through the rest of the Dazzling Nights 2022 run. But we recognize that doesn’t make up for the experience of some of our opening night guests.

Please email Info@dazzlingorlando.com. We will provide options for next steps.

Again, we apologize for this miss on our part. It does not reflect on our wonderful partners at Leu Gardens. The Dazzling Nights team takes responsibility for these issues, and we aim to make it right for you.


Dazzling Nights is a magical holiday experience for everyone. Over a million lights will immerse you into the wonder of the holidays.

Dates: Nov. 25, 2022 – Jan. 1, 2023

Tickets: $25 per adult, $22 per child ages 3-13 years old, click dazzlingorlando.com

Parking: On-site parking is $12, purchase your parking ticket along with your event tickets. Complimentary parking and a shuttle will be provided off-site, please visit dazzlingorlando.com for parking information.

Learn More: dazzlingorlando.com or visit dazzlingorlando.com/faq

For All Questions: email: info@dazzlingorlando.com