Scout Programs

Girl Scouts

Daisy Eco-Learner Badge
Daisies will learn how to explore nature before venturing out with their guide to discover life at Leu Gardens. Through activities along the way, and a take home surprise they will accomplish everything to earn this badge.

Brownie Bug Badge
Brownies will meet live invertebrates as they learn the value of each in the environment. With a bingo game they will record wild insects as they trek to the Butterfly Garden. They will accomplish all activities to earn this badge and also make a take home surprise for a special insect friend.

Jr. Girl Scout Flower Badge
Juniors will complete activities to earn this badge while they explore beautiful blooms, through sight and smell, at Leu Gardens. They will learn the parts of a flower and discover “healing” flowers in the gardens. They will make a beautiful keepsake and also plant their own wildflowers to take home.

Jr. Girl Scout Gardener Badge
Juniors will earn this badge through activities at Leu Gardens and a take home experiment. They will visit several of our gardens to complete an activity sheet and then learn about the zone they live in to create their own backyard habitat. They will plant beans to observe at home under various conditions.

Jr. Girl Scout Shapes in Nature Badge
Math is everywhere, but it is found easily in the plants that surround us every day. Let’s take a look at nature together to get a better understanding of how these things occur!


Boy Scouts

Wolf Cub Grow Something Badge
Wolf Cubs will earn this badge by taking a tour in the Gardens to visit several interesting plants that they will write facts about to share. They will learn about the planting zone they live in, and will also create two different plant experiments to take home.

Webelo Cub Scout Into the Woods Badge
Webelos will earn this badge by taking a trek through the Gardens on a scavenger hunt, following coordinates to find specific trees. In the classroom they will see examples of the four main groups of plants and different types of bark. They will make a special keepsake to take home.

$15/participant or adult (1 free adult/7 participants)


  • Please reserve your program at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Payments are due at the time of reservation.
  • Check, Cash, Credit Cards accepted.  P.O. or payments required for adult and student groups at the time of reservation.
  • Free bus and vehicle parking on site.
  • Membership benefits and guest passes may not be used in combination with group tour rates.

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