Home School Classes

Home School Classes

Harry P. Leu Garden is now offering home school classes once a month at Leu Gardens starting in September.  The classes are priced for families: one adult and up to two children may attend for one price.  The classes are geared for 9 to 12 year olds, so parents should be ready to assist younger children with projects and activities.  Each class is priced separately so you can pick and choose which class you want to attend.  All classes are 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and include admission to the Gardens.  Please register online at Eventbrite .  Questions? Please email sandra.linn@cityoforlando.net, or call 407-246-3621.

Fee for each class:

One adult and up to two children
Leu Member Family $15.00
Non-Member $20.00

Additional adults (Two per family maximum)
Leu Member    Free
Non-Member $10.00

Additional children
Leu Member               $3.00
Non-Member              $4.00

Wonderful Wild Wetlands                                                                Friday, April 13

Wetlands are full of life and provide important functions for the health of the environment. Florida is the perfect place to appreciate the value of the wetlands!  We will play a wild wetland game before searching for some wetland animals out in the gardens, maybe even some we can only see under a microscope!

Power of Pollinators                                                                                Friday, May 18
Every day we should thank the incredible pollinators for so much of the food we eat.  In this class we will discuss what pollination is and how it is accomplished.  Then we will venture out to the gardens to watch and identify the pollinators we are likely to see.  We will make something very special for a pollinator that is probably found in your own yard.