New Gallery Exhibit

Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive: A visual journey of restoration at Lake Apopka

Now — May 19

Garden House Gallery at Harry P. Leu Gardens

Jennifer Hew photograph

Jennifer Hew photograph

Depicting their love for the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive, LAWD, the supporting group submitted 275 photos, and 31 were chosen by 20 photographers to be displayed at Garden House Gallery at Harry P. Leu Gardens.

The Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive is a one-way 11-mile journey through an extraordinary wildlife habitat and restoration project gaining national attention as a huge destination for birders, wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. A drive on the Lake Apopka North Shore begins at Lust Road and ends on Jones Road in Orange County, Fla. The drive is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and federal holidays between sunrise and sunset. The Lake Apopka North Shore’s 20,000 acres is a magnet for migrating, overwintering and resident birds, and a habitat for other wildlife like alligators, bobcats, coyotes, otters, turtles, snakes, raccoons, opossums, and even a bear. The extraordinary bird diversity, more than 360 species recorded, is the highest identified bird species diversity of any inland site in North America.

Photographers featured in “Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive: A visual journey of restoration at Lake Apopka” include Phoebe Gonsalves, Michelle Wilson, Jennifer Hew, Lynn Marie Folts, John Guiseppi, Scott Simmons, Carsten Basile, John Law, Karen Havling, Suzi Harr, Robyn Churchill, Sonia Durrance, Angela Tribble, Mary Carpenter, Frank Salmon, Mark Heinemann, and Patty Bates.