Rentals FAQ

  1. Do I need an appointment to view the facility?
    You do not need an appointment if you would like to view the rental rooms in Garden House. We do suggest you call first to be sure the room is not in use when you come to visit.
  2. How far in advance do you take reservations?
    Leu Gardens reserves up to one year in advance. Due to Special Events, there are dates throughout the year that will not be unavailable.
  3. May I bring my own caterer?
    No, you must use one of the gardens approved caterers, all listed on our website.
  4. Is alcohol permitted?
    Yes, beer, wine and alcohol are permitted. Alcohol must be served by your caterer, as outside bartenders are not permitted. No Cash Bars.
  5. Can I extend the hours of rental?
    Rental hours are a specific four-hour time block only. The four-hour time block is for weekends and evenings. (Daytime hours are different) Your caterer will arrive 1 to 1-1/12 hours prior to your designated start time and has one hour after your event ends to clean up the room.
  6. May I bring my items the day prior to my event?
    The Gardens has back-to-back events and has no storage available. You may bring your items in after your caterer is set up and remove them after your event ends.
  7. Is the Screened Veranda included in the Camellia room rental?
    The Screened Veranda is part of the Camellia room rental, however music and noise are not permitted outside. You may use the Veranda for your bar, cocktail tables or h’ordorvs.
  8. May I use the Lantern Room?
    The Lantern Room is not rentable space. You may place one or two registration tables or an easel in the Lantern Room, no food or beverage.