Field Trips


Guided Tours for Students
Schedule a guided tour with one of our trained Garden Guides.  Your group will visit the various gardens to discover how plants adapt to their native biomes. With all guided tours, you are welcome to stay at the gardens afterward as long as you wish. You can reserve a special picnic area for your group where you can enjoy lunch after the tour. Max: 65 individuals.  Min: 10 individuals.
$8/student | $15/adults (1 free adult/7 students)

Birds Around the World Tour (3rd – 5th grade)
Learn about birds, trees, and plants from around the world as your students visit our handcrafted birdhouses throughout the gardens, find native birds with your own binoculars, and use our bird I.D. sheet and hear vocalizations of the birds. Teachers will receive a Resource Packet full of classroom activities. Max: 40 individuals. Min: 10 individuals.
$8/student | $15/adults (1 free adult/7 students)

Thank you to United Arts of Central Florida, home of and for their support of our new Birds Around the World Tour. 

Self Guided Tours for Students
Enjoy the gardens on your own.  You and your students are welcome to stay at the gardens as long as you wish. You can reserve a special picnic area for your group where you can enjoy lunch after the tour. Max: Unlimited.  Min: 10 individuals.
$6/student | $15/adults (1 free adult/7 students)


Everyday Botany (K – 5th grad)
Explore the wonder of plants in everyday life by learning about different types and their importance in the world, what different shapes mean, and how they have adapted over time.  Join one of the Gardens educators for a guided exploration through the Gardens followed by an indoor class with plant or art project.

Cabin Life: A Day in the Life of a Florida Pioneer (Ages 8 – 12)
The first family to lay claim to the land, that is today called Leu Gardens, were the Mizell’s. They traveled here in the 1800s and raised a large family in a small cabin. This required a tremendous amount of work from every member of the family, even the youngest. Children handled many daily tasks that even adults today would find challenging. Let’s take a look at what it would be like to spend a day as a typical pioneer in Florida. You will learn how to make necessities like; Soap, Candles, Butter and Ink using ingredients straight from the Gardens.
$15/participant or adult (1 free adult/7 participants)

Girl Scouts

Brownie Bug Badge
Brownies will meet live invertebrates as they learn the value of each in the environment. With a bingo game they will record wild insects as they trek to the Butterfly Garden. They will accomplish all activities to earn this badge and also make a take home surprise for a special insect friend.

Jr. Girl Scout Flower Badge
Juniors will complete activities to earn this badge while they explore beautiful blooms, through sight and smell, at Leu Gardens. They will learn the parts of a flower and discover “healing” flowers in the gardens. They will make a beautiful keepsake and also plant their own wildflowers to take home.

Jr. Girl Scout Gardener Badge
Juniors will earn this badge through activities at Leu Gardens and a take home experiment. They will visit several of our gardens to complete an activity sheet and then learn about the zone they live in to create their own backyard habitat. They will plant beans to observe at home under various conditions.

Boy Scouts

Webelo Cub Scout Into the Woods Badge
Webelos will earn this badge by taking a trek through the Gardens on a scavenger hunt, following coordinates to find specific trees. In the classroom they will see examples of the four main groups of plants and different types of bark. They will make a special keepsake to take home.

$15/participant or adult (1 free adult/7 participants)
Price includes supplies, garden entry and badges if in stock.


  • Field trips for schools, scouts, and homeschool programs require at least 10 individuals for group and educational rates.
  • Please reserve your tour at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Check, Cash, Credit Cards accepted, one payment should be made at the time of visit.
  • All tours start at 10 a.m. unless another time is requested.
  • Free bus and vehicle parking on site.
  • Membership benefits and guest passes may not be used in combination with group tour rates.
  • No guided tours or classes available on free days.
  • Tours and classes can last between 1-2 hours depending on questions and breaks.

Please contact Allyssa Taylor at or 407.246.3621.