Wedding FAQ

1. Do I need an appointment to view the gardens’ wedding sites?
You may view the gardens during regular operating hours, visit visitor information for seasonal operating hours, regular garden admission fees apply, no appointments needed.

2. How far in advance do you take reservations?
Leu Gardens will reserve your date up to one year in advance. There are dates that will not be available due to special garden events. Please call the rental office 407.246.3681 to check availability.

3. How much are Standard Weddings and Insurance?
Standard Wedding for 26-75 attendees $750 or 76-200 attendees $1,500
Insurance rates are based on the number of attendees:
1-75 attendees $50, 76-175 attendees $75, and over 175 attendees $100

4. What is provided with the Standard Wedding?
The Standard Wedding comes with use of the bride and groom dressing rooms, white outdoor chairs for the ceremony, electrical outlet and extension cords and a one-hour rehearsal. The Gardens offer four ceremony sites. Wedding times are 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. All weddings are held in the gardens.

5. Can we throw Rose Petals?
Leu Gardens permits bio-degradable rice, bubbles or butterflies. Your bridal party may carry flowers or a basket of flowers. Rose Petals, (real or silk), rice and sparklers are not permitted.

6. Can we use a tent?
Tents are not permitted. In case of inclement weather, the Lantern Room in Garden House will be used as the wedding site. The Lantern Room can accommodate 100 seated guests, others remain standing.

7. Can I bring my own caterer or do I have to use one on your list?
You must use one of Leu Gardens selected caterers. The caterers will handle your entire reception. Leu Gardens provides the tables and chairs. The tables are 72’’ rounds, which seat 8 to 10 people. The caterers are able to provide linens, the dance floor, china, chair covers and more. Alcohol (beer, wine and liquor) is permitted.

8. May I bring in my own chairs?
No, rental chairs are not permitted in the gardens.

9. Can I extend my hours of rental? Can I arrive before my rental time?
Rental hours for receptions are very specific and are 4 hours only. Wedding times are 2 hours only. The Gardens has scheduled back to back events, and the staff needs time to break down and set up for each event. Your contract will specify the rental hours and cannot vary from those hours.

10. Do you have equipment for an outside wedding?
The Gardens provide chairs, electrical outlets and dressing rooms for the bride and groom. There is no storage for your equipment or rental items. You will need to have your service provider set-up and breakdown during your rental times specified on your contract. For services and equipment (such as: an officiator, arches, runners, etc.), you may contract with an outside vendor. Set-up, delivery, and breakdown must be within your scheduled rental times specified on your contract.

Standard Wedding Rehearsals
Rehearsals are for one hour, Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. There is no extra charge for rehearsal time. Due to events held in the Gardens, rehearsal times are reserved a month in advance. During your scheduled rehearsal, our staff will go over the chair set-up, location of the bride and groom’s rooms and the location of the electrical outlets. During rehearsal, special requests for transportation should be made for those who are unable to walk to the wedding site.


1. I would like to reserve a small wedding, however I have 30 people. Would I pay the admission fee for the extra 5 people?
No, if you have over 25 people, you would need to reserve a Standard Wedding.

2. Who do you count for the small weddings? Are the minister, photographer and children counted?
Yes, everyone who attends or is a part of the wedding is counted, children are counted too.

3. Can I have 20 chairs for my small wedding?
We can provide up to ten (10) chairs for those who cannot stand for the wedding.

4. Where can I dress?
If you don’t arrive in your gown and need to change before your wedding, you may use the Garden House’s Bride and Groom’s if available.

5. I would like to use the Rose Garden for my small wedding.
The Rose Garden is designated as one of a Standard Wedding site only.

6. When may I hold my rehearsal?
Formal rehearsals are not routinely scheduled for small weddings. However, if you need to hold a short unscheduled rehearsal, please call the rental office prior to arriving to check availability.

7. May I decorate my wedding site?
Small weddings are designed to be short and simple. You may decorate, but it must be within your designated time and removed immediately following the ceremony.

8. May I come early for photographs or stay after the ceremony for photos?
You may arrive 30 minutes prior to your wedding and are welcome to walk the gardens after the ceremony for photographs.